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We have a covenant with the Lord God to live, preach, and teach the integrity of His Word and to become all things to all people. We depend on the Holy Spirit to minister in His Power in everything we do. World Covenant ministries is an apostolic ministry, equiping those who are truly called into the ministry. Operating as a paraclete ministry, we partner with other ministries to help fulfill their mission outreach needs. We have a heart for the lost, compassion for the hurting, and trust in Him for administering the healing.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

The Joseph Storehouse

"Providing Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow"


The Joseph Storehouse is a Christian organization that demonstrates God's love by reaching out and touching the lives of people in practical ways, by empowering this generation with tools to become successful in all areas of life and where people find help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Women of Influence 

Women's Ministry

This women's Group is established to equip, connect & encourage women toward spiritual maturity in life and to influence others for good to glorify God.

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Volunteers Packing Food
World Covenant Ministries 

World Covenant Ministries all encompasses our outreach programs that include revitalization of the community, mission work in the Fiji islands and speaking engagements. 

WIV Kids

WIV Kids is our Children's Ministry for ages 11 & under. Each Sunday your kids will experience the presence of God as they worship and engage with a faith-filled message straight from the Bible. And you can be sure they will have fun as well as there is always an exciting activity or project tide in with every message to help them understand the main point of the message.

Our doors open at 10:15AM for check in and one of our amazing kids volunteers will be happy to assist you with that quick and easy process.

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